We Make Lifereels.

paper scrap

Video memoirs

about your loved ones

  • We work with you to record an amazing Netflix-quality video interview with your loved one
  • Then we scan your family photographs, and digitise your home movies
  • And then bring it all together to create a beautiful, unique film about the life of your loved one!

What are lifereels?

Don't write a memoir. Record a lifereel!

We always talk about writing down the stories of those closest to us, but most of us never get around to it.

In just a few hours, we can immortalise the stories of a loved one - by interviewing them on camera.

With the help of your family photographs and home movies, we can create a timeless piece of personal history.

A lifereel can be watched on special occasions, and passed down for generations to come!

Everybody has a life story worth telling - you don't need to have climbed Mount Everest!

A lifereel is a new kind of memoir, and we guarantee that it will become one of your most treasured possessions.

What makes a lifereel?

Everyone has a story to tell, and a lifereel is the best way to immortalise it for future generations


The Interview

We will film a Netflix-quality interview with your loved one



We scan your family photographs, and our technicians will digitally repair any tears or scratches if needed



We digitise your old family home movies - including DV, 8mm and VHS videotapes, as well as cine film reels


The Edit

We bring everything into our edit suite, and begin to craft your lifereel, adding background music and even archival footage if necessary

So how does it work?

  • 1

    One of our team will set up a meeting with you and your loved one - either online or in person - to discuss your lifereel and the next steps forward.
  • 2
    They will accompany you to your loved one's home and set up a beautiful 2-camera interview - they're also there to help with the interview process if needed!
  • 3
    Your photographs will be collected, scanned and returned to you.
  • 4
    Your home movies will be digitised in-house - or, in the case of film reels, will be sent via courier to one of our partners to be digitised and returned to you.
  • 5
    A first draft of the lifereel will be sent to you via a private video link, where you can make comments and ask for any amendments you wish. This process will repeat until you are totally happy with the final lifereel!
  • 6
    The completed lifereel will be delivered to you as a digital download, and a beautiful video page, which can be shared with friends and family. You'll also receive a hard drive containing your digitised photographs and home movies!

Watch some
magic lifereel moments

Frank discusses his relationship with his parents, and his own father's rocky upbringing...
Verena talks about her first jobs as a teenager, and exploring her wild side as a young girl in South Shields!
Eileen describes the unconventional way her husband Hector courted her - take notes, gentlemen!


Hi, I'm Oscar

Let's work together on a lifereel for your loved one!
I'm a filmmaker with over a decade of experience, working across television and multiple creative video agencies in Edinburgh.
I make every single lifereel - so we'll be working together to create something that you and your family will cherish forever!
  • 👴🏻15+ years filmmaking experience
  • 🎓BA (Hons) in Television
  • 🏆Award-winning short film director
  • 🇬🇧Worked with some of the UK's biggest brands

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a lifereel?
At what age should someone get a lifereel?
What if my loved one feels uncomfortable on camera?
Can I give input and make changes to the lifereel?
Can you include subtitles in the lifereel? (Other languages?)
How many photos or home movies will you scan?
Where will you interview my loved one?
Can I share the lifereel on social media platforms?
Can the lifereel include interviews from other family members or friends?
Can I request hard copies of the lifereel for my family members?
What happens to the interview and digitised photos/videos after the lifereel is completed?
Is it possible to create a lifereel for someone who has passed away?
What is Lifereel Academy?



Basic Interview

A simple, beautifully composed interview in your loved one's home
This package includes
  • Netflix quality 2-camera interview
  • Assistance in drawing up interview questions to ensure a comprehensive overview of your loved one's life story
  • Hard drive containing the raw, unedited interview footage

Basic Lifereel

Our full lifereel service, featuring a beautiful 30-minute film, overlayed with photographs, home movies & music
This package includes
  • Netflix quality 2-camera interview
  • Photo scanning, retouching and restoration
  • Home movie digitisation
  • 3 rounds of revisions
  • Beautiful shareable video page to view your lifereel (& digital download)
  • Hard drive containing all digitised photographs and home movies, as well as the raw, unedited interview footage

Premium Lifereel

Our premium lifereel solution, including a beautiful 30+ minute film, additional filming, hard copies in a premium wooden case, and more!
This package includes
  • Netflix quality 2-camera interview
  • Comprehensive scan of your entire photograph collection
  • Home movie digitisation
  • Additional footage capture (B-Roll) of your loved one, plus additional interviews (if needed)
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Shareable video page to view your lifereel (& digital download)
  • 2x Shareable highlight reels to post on social media or send to friends
  • DVD in premium wooden case
  • Hard drive containing all digitised photographs and home movies, as well as the raw, unedited interview footage

Fancy making one yourself?

We created Lifereel Academy to help people make their own lifereels.

Our course teaches you everything about filming, lighting, editing and scanning old photos and movies.

In just a few short weeks we can help you make a Netflix-quality lifereel for your loved one!

Want to get started?

My biggest passion is preserving people's stories - I'd love to help you preserve yours!